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We’re not just tech people

We’re visionary

In the time it takes you to read this short paragraph, technology will take another leap forward. So the question is – what are you doing to stay ahead of the curve? What are you doing to integrate social networks and blogs to improve your search engine rankings? That’s where we come in. By helping you communicate the "why" of your business as well as the "what" in the most progressive way possible.

At DataCom/OTA we stay on top of the latest trends, to help you spread your message in the most effective way.


web programming


Effective websites for creative thinkers.
Sophisticated design requires sophisticated programming, and DataCom gives you just that. Whether it’s a small business page or a complicated e-commerce website, we write every 1 and 0 that makes it work, collaborating with either a web designer of your choosing or our own strategic business partner, Out There Advertising, to create a site that attracts your target audience and holds its attention.

video production

Video Production

Making sure you get the right angle.
We don’t just point the camera and hit record. We shoot. We edit. We go on location. We give you solid story-telling, professional visuals, and years of experience, creating everything from fifteen-second television commercials to seven-minute web presentations.

In a world where shooting and sharing a video is as easy as touching the screen of a smart phone, these things matter.

it support

IT Support

We speak computer, so you don’t have to.
No one wants to wait for a slow computer. Whether you use a PC or a Mac, belong to a big office network or use a single computer, an inefficient system means lost time and, for businesses, lost money.

That’s where we come in. We can help you install a computer system that’s as efficient as possible and then follow up with any support or service that you may still need. We work with a variety of systems and products, including Apple, HP, Cisco, and WatchGaurd. Whether your business needs a standard tune-up or an enhanced security system, DataCom will be with you every step of the way, making sure your computers work for you.



Helping you connect the dots.
An engaging website requires up-to-date content, and Datafly gives your business an easy way to keep content fresh. With this program you don’t need to hassle with an complicated CMS. Datafly allows you to edit, save, and manage content at your convenience.


Synology NAS Servers

You’ve seen it, the massive server that sits in in some dark corner of the office, taking up space. Contained in its bulky frame is an operating system that supports multiple users, allowing your business to store and manage all it’s digital files. For most businesses, these capabilities are a necessity. But, the gigantic server that makes it all possible? Well, that part is optional.

Instead, you can choose Synology’s network attached storage devise, or NAS, which gives you the capabilities of an entire server in a device the size of a toaster. To top it off, Synology’s all-in-one unit runs on approximately 100 watts of electricity—about the same amount of power it takes to run an average light bulb.

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